New environmental video highlights vision for change on Earth Day

A few days ago, 52-year-old green manufacturer Earth Friendly Products, the maker of ECOS plant-powered cleaners, celebrated the 49th anniversary of Earth Day at its corporate headquarters in Cypress, California, by premiering a short video that is appearing this week at the EarthxFilm festival in Dallas, Texas. (See below.)

The video will be featured online and at film festivals and environmental summits across the U.S. throughout 2019.

Titled “The Artist,” the video is the creation of innovative young Greek filmmaker Petros Antoniadis and Los Angeles-based environmental artist and social activist Velia De Iuliis. Earth Friendly Products is using the art video to express its vision for a better future for the earth.

In the video, the narrator states:
“We imagine a different world
A world where air pollution no longer exists
Where clean water is not a privilege
A world without waste
And we’re working to create that world today with you
Clean, healthy and sustainable
Making the future today in the world’s first carbon neutral, water neutral, zero waste facilities.”

Speaking at the Earth Day event, Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, president and CEO of Earth Friendly Products, said she was moved by the power of art to effect change. “Art is a powerful way to fight for the environment, and Petros’ talent and Velia’s passion have combined to bring to life our sustainability story and our vision for a safer, cleaner planet through art.”

Antoniadis has previously worked with the company on several corporate videos and said those experiences helped him to propose this idea to the company. “ECOS is an authentic brand that truly walks the talk. Getting to create and tell their story and communicate their vision was a joy,” said Antoniadis.

De Iuliis said she was deeply moved by ECOS’ story and jumped at the opportunity to take part in the project. “My work is about conservation, so I was honored to play the role of the artist in the story, to help advocate art as a way to highlight the environment,” said De Iuliis. “Earth Friendly Products is at the forefront of the environmental world, and their ECOS products embody that leadership.”

The Earth Day celebration at Earth Friendly Products that featured the premiere of “The Artist” also featured guest speakers on environmental sustainability and policy.

Congressman Alan Lowenthal, who serves California’s 47th Congressional District, spoke at the event and praised Earth Friendly Products for its unsurpassed record in sustainability. “Every time I come here to visit, I am inspired — there’s no other word for it,” says Lowenthal. “The core values of this company are to make sure they provide safer products and protect this planet for future generations. There is nothing more important than protecting this environment, which is so fragile.”

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