Sonata upgrades software for supply chain operations

Sonata Software has launched its integrated digital Modern Distribution Platform, which helps transform traditional supply chain and distribution operations to achieve competitive efficiencies in the new digital economy.

The platform builds on the core Advance Supply Chain Software of IBIS, which Sonata acquired, extending the superior planning and execution modules, with new features of the best of breed B2B e-commerce for customer collaboration, Route to Market applications with its Mobile apps for field sales delivery automation and with advanced Distribution analytics.

With this complete suite of technology and functionalities, consumer and industrial goods supply chain and distribution operations can be truly digitally enabled at every stage. Modern Distribution Platform is available on Microsoft Appsource for deployment. 

The B2B e-commerce module of Modern Distribution platform enables distributors to collaborate with their customers online, leading to a faster time to market and more accurate estimation of demand.

Distributors must collaborate and communicate across their supply chain with up-to-date tools such as EDI, portals and e-commerce sites as well as traditional order capture processes–across their entire B2B environment to support today’s Omni-channel environment.

Distributors also need to increase their field sales productivity by extending order execution and stock visibility to mobile devices thereby taking away the paperwork involved in the delivery operations.

Smart operations on Route/Van sales enable the field sales to be more productive on field by having real-time information.

Sonata’s Modern Distribution mobile app and the enhanced analytics suite come together to help distributors achieve this, bringing a real-time visibility and efficiency to field sales.

Another reason for traditional distributors to perform poorly is the inability to manage Order to Cash cycle, not meeting margins and ignoring the vendor support dollars to be collected against customer invoice.

The Modern Distribution platform protects and increases margins by providing visibility and execution function across supply chain using Advanced Supply Chain for Dynamics 365, a component of Modern Distribution Platform.

Advance supply chain manages your supply chain process using the Plan to Profit approach.

The platform brings together all elements that enable digital-ready supply chain and distribution management to drive growth through new channels of engagement, ensuring channel loyalty while keeping best in class margin management in view.

“Digital Commerce and last mile connectivity is a very important piece of a distributor’s strategy,” says Rajsekhar Datta Roy, associate vice president, global practice head – MS Dynamics, Sonata Software.

“Most distributors need to have some online presence for product information to at least direct customers to them, if not offer a complete online shopping option. Sonata’s Modern Distribution Platform benefits the Distributors in achieving the e-commerce and mobility priority to collaborate with their customers and reduce time to market.”

Sonata Software Limited has long-standing customer relationships with world leading consumer and industrial products companies and supply chain specialists across the US, Europe, and Asia. Sonata is a leading Dynamics Partner with Gold Certification, Global ISV status and recognition as an award-winning distribution industry partner for Microsoft.

This expertise has been brought to bear in building and supporting the Modern Distribution Platform solution.

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