Honeywell and Omnitracs launch software for truck drivers

Honeywell has launched a suite of software solutions for truck drivers which the company says is helping transportation and logistics providers and drivers comply with US federal safety mandates that go into effect in December.

Honeywell has extended its driver-focused enterprise software solution to enable truck drivers to easily and quickly complete electronic logs and conduct vehicle inspections using a single mobile device.

The software runs on Android-based devices, including Honeywell’s mobile computers, and helps fleets enhance their safety culture, reduce violations and embed accuracy into their work processes. 

The solution, which was developed in collaboration with fleet management solutions provider Omnitracs, is being deployed by less-than-truckload industry leaders Holland and Reddaway.

“These federal regulations, which are designed to promote safety on the road, require trucking companies to implement new compliance solutions,” said Taylor Smith, president of Honeywell’s Workflow Solutions business.

“Honeywell’s solution makes compliance much easier for logistics providers by seamlessly integrating into drivers’ workflow processes to create a streamlined and simplified user experience.”

“By offering this Omnitracs and Honeywell solution, we can help transportation firms comply with the looming mandates, while also improving driver retention rates,” said David Vice, chief sales officer for Omnitracs.

Honeywell offers an integrated system that runs on a single mobile device and guides drivers through the various workflows they complete throughout the day. In addition to completing electronic logs, truck drivers can use Honeywell’s solution to communicate with dispatch, review routes and capture signatures for proof-of-delivery.

“From the beginning, we have worked to create the best possible driver experience with our in-cab technology,” said Scott Ware, president of Holland.

“To maintain this high-quality driver experience, Honeywell and Omnitracs have worked to integrate the electronic logging solution with our Honeywell workflow applications. This integration means our drivers don’t have to enter the same information into two systems. It provides a simple and intuitive experience for our drivers working across the systems.”

Scheduled to go into effect in December 2017, the US Department of Transportation electronic logging device rules will require most motor carriers’ truck drivers to electronically document their hours of service.

This mandate is intended to keep both truckers and other drivers on the road safe by monitoring and limiting the amount of time drivers can operate their vehicles to prevent exhaustion.


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